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"The unique is in the environment"

It's always interesting to see where ideas begin. In the case of these shacks, the architect, Ken Latona, was asked to create a cheap family cabin option for Victorian National Parks at a site on Wilson's Promontory. Latona believes that architecture should blend in with the surrounding environment, so his starting point for this project was to have a flooring platform, a roof and roll up canvas walls. The design has evolved since then following over 10 years of client input.

Philosophy: Mission

The General Philosophy

For Latona, there is nothing unique about these huts and that's the beauty of them:
"The unique is in the environment."
The houses use large sliding doors to open up to the bush, and shuttered openings in place of conventional windows to create that connection with the environment.
" The best way to relax is to be part of nature," Upton says. "We spend most of our time isolated from the environment. The Smartshax is about opening up to become part of it." Camping with Doors.

Philosophy: History
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