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canyonleigh courtyard
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Canyonleigh Interior
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Off the Rack Smartshax
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Steep Slope Smartshax

Build it Yourself or Fully Built Environmental Weekenders

The Concept
Lightweight, environmental huts originally designed by architect Ken Latona ideally suited to the Australian coastal climate. "Basic amenity plus maximum connection to where you are".
Particularly suitable for remote, isolated, steep or difficult blocks.
The opportunity to build any where "off  the grid". Build a Smartshax yourself or contract Upton Building Pty Ltd to construct your Smartshax for you. Smartshax sustainable building flatpacks and backyard shacks are now available. Check out the flyer in the Fact Sheets.
Generate your own power, compost your own waste, store your own water. Environmentally self sufficient.
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A more connected life.
In the words of one Smartshax client,
"sounds good: practical, affordable and good design"
There is a real movement back to simplicity both in design and living and only really taking what we need in terms of resources used.
If your after a connection with the environment  a place to chill out and relax, then these shacks are the perfect solution.
What do the press think about Smartshax?
  • Featured in Qantas Inflight Magazine - 2008

  • Featured in Financial Review - June 2008

  • "Smart shax - A more connected life."

  • September 2005 Handyman, "an Independent pod of superior environmental performance."

  • April 2005 The Australian Innovations lift out, "Quick, eco-friendly and oh so smart"

  • Houses Dot Com written by Chris Johnson,NSW Government Architect,""well designed housing affordable to the masses"

  • October 2003 Belle, "the perfect solution" if you're after a connection to the environment & a place to chill out & relax.

  • September 2003 Newsweek,  referred to the site to check out stylish houses if you dont have much dough. Smarthshax is on this site.

  • July 2003 The Age, " Off the rack shacks, this architect designed weekender comes in a box...the interior is compact & light-filled."

  • March 2004 SMH, ECO lift out, "affordable, eco-friendly...Home away from home"

  • October 2004 SMH Domain, "Pick of the prefabs"

  • August 2004 The Australian, "Presenting the perfect shack"

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